Did you ever see the original version of the Christmas movie “Miracle on 34th Street”? When Kris Kringle tells Macy’s customers where to find better deals for their Christmas presents? Do you remember what happens? Spoiler alert!! The customers are so happy that they vow to return to Macy’s for all of their Christmas needs, which then increases the department store’s sales for the season.  It may seem crazy to take business advice from Santa Claus, but pointing consumers in the right direction for their needs is a great way to build trust – especially during this holiday season when their stress levels are at an all-time high.

Now I’m not suggesting you tell your clientele where to find better rates, we all have to make money, but if there is a product or service your company does not provide, suggest somewhere else that does.  If you sell a brand of pants, but a client wants a design you don’t carry, tell them where they can find it. If a consumer comes in looking for a product and none of yours quite meet their needs, point them in the direction of a store that does.

By referring consumers to a competitor’s store, you show them you are putting their satisfaction over your company’s profits. When you do this, you are building that trust between consumer and business that a lot of times can be the difference between a possible one-time customer and a lifelong brand supporter.

How does your company improve trust with your brand supporters? Share in the comments below!

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