It’s not too late to set goals for your business this year. Setting goals to grow your business is no different than planning how to improve yourself in the new year. You have to set goals for your brand, and objectives for those goals so that you can improve your business in every way possible. Lost on where to start? Here are a few ideas for goals to achieve this year:

1. Shift 20% of prospective clients into consumers
When you see all those followers on your company’s Facebook or Twitter who are interested but have yet to invest in your brand, find a way to grab their attention. Discover what it is about your company that has piqued their interest and why they have yet to act on it. Write a post asking for their feedback on what you should improve about your brand. Maybe they like your overall concept but you are missing the key products or services that they are looking for. Help encourage them to give your brand a try.

2. Expand your brand awareness via social media, email marketing and more
With the internet ever changing, your target audiences interests will as well. Stay up-to-date on the hottest trends for social media and how to reach your demographic. Know when the best times are to post about your brand or send out brand updates through email. Is there a new social media platform that everyone is trying out? Get the scoop on it, see if it is right for your company and your consumers. Constantly be checking up with your followers to find out their responses to your brand’s latest activities. The internet is an exceptional tool for not only reaching current consumers but also locating prospective clients. Find them. Invite them. Excite them.

3. Plan for a hand
When you startup your company you have very few employees if you have any at all. Planning for growth not only in clients, but also in staff is a great goal and should be an expectation to set for your company. When you plan for more employees and when you need more employees, that means that your company is growing. This is a huge positive! So plan to expand! Review what departments in your company need work, budget for those extra minds and hands, and then start interviewing. We understand that your company is like your child and that it is hard to let people come in and interact with your child and help your child grow, but you have to loosen the reins a little bit. More minds means more ideas and more ideas lead to a greater chance of growth.

4. Improve your presence on social media
You need to be paying attention to what is being said about your brand on the internet, particularly on social media sites that spread that info to millions. Stay up-to-date on who is talking about your brand and what they are saying. We all know happy consumers increase sales and unhappy ones… don’t. Use your analytics! Pay attention to what social sites you have the most activity on and what sites may be lacking. Investigate the reasoning for both. Maybe one site is just more popular in general than the other, or maybe your posts on one are catchier than on another. See what’s up! It’s possible that one site is just less active, not because of anything you are doing but because that website’s concept just isn’t interesting people anymore. Weigh the pros and cons of deleting your account on that site, you don’t want to have dead internet weight.

5. Increase your gross revenue by 15%
Why did you create your brand? Because you have a service or a product that you want to share with the world, that you want people not only to enjoy, but to also talk about. With that, unless you’re independently wealthy, just won the lottery, or somehow your brand doesn’t need profits to survive (if so please share your secret), then you need to set a goal for your company when it comes to profits in the upcoming year. Maybe 15% is too much, perhaps too little? Either way, decide what you think your brand can achieve and work to obtain that goal. In order to hire more employees, you need more revenue. In order to say… increase the amount of storefront locations, you need more revenue.

6. Budget, budget, budget
Whether you have an internationally recognized brand or you are just starting out, budgeting is one of the keys to success. If your company hasn’t created a budget for the new year, start doing one now. How are you going to afford to pay for new employees? How are you going to afford to create a new product? A budget can help you answer the who, what, when, where, why and how questions that are running through your brain at this moment. Having a budget can help you plan for exciting adventures in the future, like a bigger and better workspace! As the old saying goes money doesn’t grow on trees, so you better make sure you have it neatly organized in a spreadsheet!

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