What I Do

I use my ability to write engaging content to help small business owners & individuals tell their stories.
I use my diverse background in design & web to plant seeds of creativity.
I use my people-centric values & knack for process and order to provide structure for service-providers and their firms.
I use my business acumen & marketing know-how to encourage sound, strategic, people-first decision making.
And I use my passion for equity, mission-driven organizations & entrepreneurship to fuel what I pour into others.

This all can take shape in a few different ways.

IdeationNeed a sounding board? Have a skill but not sure how to put it to use? Got a concept but no plan of action?

I collaborate with individuals to translate random ideas, daydreams, doodles, and more into viable concepts and action items to see them through.

Whether you’ve got nothing but seedlings of ideas or a full plan that you’re looking to take to the next level, I can assist.


AuditsI spent a year and a half as a proofreader for a Fortune 100 retail giant. I’ve spent about eight years working alongside talented marketers, project managers, designers, videographers, writers and web developers.

That said, I know consistency, I know branding, I know marketing, I know design and I know user experience. Wanna know if you’re on the right track?

I can perform an audit of how you package & promote your offering, and provide you with a plan to make improvements.


StrategyThere are ideas and to-do lists, and then there are strategies. Strategies that take into account your target audience; your desired actions for said audience; your strengths; what’s going on in the world; and, each facet of your brand and its various touch points with your end users.

I can work with you to develop a thoughtful objective-driven strategy that details the steps you’ll need to take to make it happen.



ExecutionWhen it’s all said and done, and the strategy has been written and the plans have been made, it comes down to execution. I can help you see your plans through by creating content, rallying talented service providers, managing your website redesign, producing videos and more.





Ideate (6)Whether you produce content, videos, photos, or designs, when you’re in the business of providing your natural talents as a service, your craft can sometimes take priority over your business. I can help you develop processes to give your business more structure and make your project and account management practices more satisfactory to your clients and conducive to your bottom line.




Full List of Services

  • copywriting & content strategy
  • social media strategy and content
  • business launch strategy
  • product launch strategy
  • brand positioning
  • video production (script writing, staging, etc.)
  • web design consultation & project management
  • design
  • campaign development
  • PR support
  • project and account management process design
  • employee retention strategy



Project scope, timeline and pricing are detailed in writing following a free 30-minute consultation.