As new or seasoned entrepreneurs or marketers, we often try so hard to view things from a business or consumer’s point of view, that we forget to look at things as consumers ourselves. So try this. Today is July 4th, a major holiday that most people use as a vacation day. Think about all the marketing efforts you encounter today. Are they relevant to YOU? Do they make YOU want to act as a consumer? Do YOU care so much about the general holiday greetings or are YOU looking for a deal? Just think about how these communications make YOU feel. Don’t just do this on holidays, do this as often as you can detach your mind from your business/marketing self. Then consider some key takeaways that you can consider when developing your own marketing communications.  Today, I’m taking a look at what’s in my inbox.

Subject line: 4th of July vacation sale

Subject: 4th of July vacation sale

My initial thoughts: Dang, I wish they would’ve sent this before the 4th.
Subsequent thoughts: When’s the next time I could use a vacay? Maybe I’ll look at the details.
Takeaway: Some sort of deal makes me stop and take a second look even if it’s something I can’t use at the moment.


Happy 4th from Ajilon Professional Staffing

From: Ajilon Professional Staffing
Subject: Happy 4th from Ajilon Professional Staffing

Initial thoughts: Happy 4th back to ya.
Subsequent thoughts: None. On to the next.
Takeaway: Nice gestures with no intentions of making a transaction can leave a positive impression, but don’t really drive me to do anything. But positive impressions are always good.

Patriotism tastes so good

From: Ruby Tuesday
Subject: Patriotism tastes so good

Initial thoughts: Dang that looks good. The sparkler is so cool (it was actually flickering). That’s a clever tag (I can’t help but look at copy).
Subsequent thoughts: Is there a coupon for burgers? No. Ah well. That drink looks good, even though I’m not too crazy about frozen drinks. On to the next.
Takeaway: If someone sends me an email on a holiday with a big, delicious-looking burger, I’m gonna assume there’s a coupon attached. If there isn’t, maybe next time but I won’t be going there today.

Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 10.31.07 AM

From: Asos
Subject: Happy fourth – 20% off full-price items ends tonight

Initial thoughts: Hmm, I might be able to find something for my trip next week.
Subsequent thoughts: I’ll look at it a little later.
Takeaway: Sales get my attention.

What’s in your inbox? Did you encounter any communications from brands that moved you to act? Leave a comment below!

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