With the force that social media has become, and the emphasis businesses are (or at least they should be) placing on connecting with consumers on a more personal level, brands must be careful not to cross the line. Some topics are highly controversial, and taking a side or adding your two cents could end up alienating or offending a large segment of your consumer base, and the result could catastrophic for your brand. There are certain things that I always advise AGAINST communicating on social media. A general rule of thumb that I use is if it’s not appropriate to bring up in a business meeting, then I should probably leave it alone.

Unless your business/cause directly relates to it, I suggest that you steer clear of the following:

Different people have different beliefs. The best way to avoid offending anyone is not to speak on religion at all.

People’s views on politics differ greatly and those differences can often lead to quite “passionate” discussions. Keep your brand away from those discussions and avoid this topic altogether.

While some companies have stepped up to advertise their support of gay rights, and tastefully so, I might add, I would not advise using social media to discuss this topic. I realize that there is a difference between standing up for a way of life and standing up for civil rights, but just to avoid potential misunderstandings and miscommunications, I would avoid this topic altogether.

Avoid any race-driven, race-related comments on social media. This can be a very sensitive issue and one misunderstanding or miscommunication can leave your consumer base with a very bad impression.

Is there anything else that you would add? Comment below!

CEO and Lead Consultant of RedGal's Marketing.
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