I recently did an interview with the Triangle Interactive Marketing Association alongside a fellow marketing strategist from my job at Cuberis. Much of the interview was tied to our thoughts on various marketing tools and trends. It was all very interesting; however, looking back over the interview, I keep re-reading my response to the question, “What attracted you to marketing?”

Small business owners are often times moved by passion, talent and/or a big idea. That initial ‘thing’ that moves them is genuine and simple, and makes the decision of whether or not to start a business seem like a no-brainer. A terrifyingly exciting no-brainer, but a no-brainer, nonetheless.

But somewhere along the way, that genuine, simple response to “Why do you want to __________?” (in my case: assist small business owners with marketing) gets lost. It’s still at the core of why small business owners do what they do every day. But aside from a neglected ‘about’ statement on a website, that sentiment loses its presence in consumer-facing messaging.

Yes, businesses grow and evolve. That’s a good thing. But whenever you’re deciding on a new marketing strategy or considering re-branding or even whether or not to join the latest social network, take a moment to remember why you started your business. Remember your passion, your talent, your big idea. Remember the problem you were gonna solve or the gift you were gonna share. Get back to that simple, genuine space and, if it still makes sense, see how you can carry that energy into your communications.

Read my interview with TIMA.


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