With social media as a rising force used by companies to market themselves, the use of email campaigns is often overlooked. Email marketing is a great way to reach your consumers, wherever they may be. If you are new to email marketing, or unsure of how to develop a great email campaign, here are a few tips:

Getting subscribers

Make Sign-Up a Snap
A newsletter/email sign-up tab of sorts should be clearly visible to your consumers when they visit your website. The longer they have to search, the less likely you are to receive their email information. If you’re afraid your sign up gets lost on your site, consider adding pop-up prompter for email sign up; this will attract your consumer’s attention quickly and, because they will have to close out of the notification, force them to read the pop-up. While some people get annoyed with pop ups, it may be worth trying for a period of time to see if your email subscriptions increase. You should also make email sign up accessible on more than just your homepage – add it to your other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to reach a larger audience.

They signed up, now what?

Welcome Your Audience
When website viewers have signed up for your email list be sure to send them a “Welcome” email. Begin the letter with the client’s name to personalize the email and create a one-on-one connection with your consumer. This is your chance to thank them for signing up and to make a good first impression for your email program. Consider presenting a welcome offer to make the interaction even better.

Make your subject lines compelling
You want somebody to want to open an email. Do this with interesting and when appropriate, clever subject lines. Be careful – there’s a difference between clever and misleading and consumers will NOT like misleading.

The KISS method – Keep it short and simple
In today’s society everyone is on the move, so make your emails easy for your audience to read quickly. They should consist of concise, short paragraphs or bullet points that your audience can understand quickly and move on. In an email, you only have your consumer’s interest briefly, so make it count.

Simple is Smart
With smart phones and tablets, your emails should have a basic format so that it can be read on a variety of devices. If one of your consumers receives your email/newsletter on their phone and, due to confusing layouts and images, they cannot easily read your email, they will just send it to the trash or worse, mark it as spam. **When possible, always make sure your emails are mobile and tablet-friendly.

OK, what next?

Reward Referrals
Offer discounts or coupons to your list members who send new consumers your way. Creating a promotional code can be an easy way to get traffic on your website as well as linking new consumers with the ones who referred them. Rewarding your audience is a great way to encourage fan involvement and say thank you for helping your company grow.

Invite them to be “Social”
Using email marketing is a great way to give your consumers periodic updates on your company, but encourage them to become more involved by including links to your other social media pages in your newsletter. Make sure they are visible and go directly to the social media page so that your consumers can easily follow you.

Follow up
When you have a sale or promotional event going on, do not be afraid to send out a couple reminders. With people constantly on the go, they may read that you are having a “20% off sale” for Fourth of July, and then easily forget. By sending out a reminder it will allow the consumer another chance to further process and retain the information.

Send the right message to the right person
If you have the ability to target your emails, do so. This will allow you to send more relevant messages which will enable your brand to engage on an even deeper level. Birthday emails, follow-ups to recent purchases and region/location-specific messages are all great examples to show your consumer that your messages are thoughtful.

As you can see, if you’re looking for ways to increase interaction with your consumers, encourage sharing and drive traffic,  email marketing can be a great place to start.

Do you send emails? What’s your biggest challenge? Is there a brand whose emails you really like? Share in the comments!

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